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About Baking With Flava

About Baking With Flava

Baking with Flava is the creation of UK based teenager, Ava. Who has a real passion for baking all different types of desserts for friends, family and neighbours. In her search for trying out new ideas and learning new techniques, her desire to share all the recipes that are being made along the way has really grown.

And there no signs of the weekly yummy creations stopping any time soon, as Ava has great hopes of finishing education to be able to embark into a career where baking is the centrepiece.

Whilst Ava knows her way around a Kitchen aid mixer, website building savvy she aint! So, Ava has decided to partner up the team at TagIt Marketing Media to create a baking site that’s specifically aimed at young adults and anyone at the start of their baking adventure.

You’ll find plenty of free recipes for all different types of desserts such as cupcakes, confectionery, cookies, cheesecakes, pies and tarts. As well as useful tips and baking basics in our Baking Scoop info section. Plus, just for fun there will be a few free to enter competitions for you along the way.

We hope you enjoy joining Ava and the team on this new baking journey as we journal her Latest Bakes and don’t forget to throw us a few hearts and follows over on our social pages on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.